I met Carla Falcy three years ago. She took great pleasure in introducing me to Pilates. Her classes changed everything for me and I quickly noticed results. The classes were perfectly tailored to my needs. I slimmed down and lost my excess tummy fat.

Mariette, 49ans

My wife advised me to take the Pilates course. I had back problems, mainly due to my sedentary lifestyle in which I was always sitting in the office, in the car or in a plane. Since I started the weekly Pilate exercises, which had been specially adapted to suit my problems, I no longer have back pain. Furthermore, I stand straighter and have better posture. She offers a flexible timetable so I can attend classes when I want.

Fritz, 52ans

I take great pleasure and delight from the individual weekly Pilates classes with Carla Falcy. I admire not only her skill, but her great patience and I am touched by her infectious enthusiasm which gives me the courage to persevere! I also love her charm and humour. I sincerely recommend her classes!

Solange de Marignac

It is difficult to describe in a few words the benefits of sessions with Carla Falcy. I feel a bit apprehensive at the start then really enjoy the exercise and feel great afterwards. Bravo Carla! Thank you for these special moments that are not only good for us but also get our bodies in shape!

Christine and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

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