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Traveling and mobility has always been the hallmark of my career

My passion for sport was born out of my experiences with different cultures. The experiences I had in California and Australia, added to my mixed origins, enhanced my love for the active and urban life style. Fluent in English, Spanish and French, I have a great love of movement. This led me to learn classical dancing. It was a very small leap from dancing to fitness.

Having owned a health club for many years, I was instrumental in the rise of the exercise classes in French-speaking Switzerland. At the same time as I was organising the IFAC Congress, which brought together the main presenters in the world of fitness, writing regular columns in the media presenting my method and making DVDs with exercises to be done at home, I started an international professional training school, mainly teaching courses leading to a fitness instructor diploma.

Nowadays, at Carla’s Fitness and Pilates Concept I train individuals using a high degree of professionalism and pedagogy. I also work closely with Dr Finn Mahler who is in the world of sport with Servette Football Club, Geneva basketball team and the 2003 Alinghi challenge. He is currently the doctor in charge of the sports and rehabilitation centre of Hospital de la Tour and often refers clients to me.

You may think I live life in the fast lane and that my pace is not for you? Well, not at all! It’s quite the opposite in fact! I am very calm and patient and adapt to the wishes of my clients so that they can share my love for exercise in a relaxed and pressure-free atmosphere



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I am also available on weekends for an additional fee. I am happy to discuss any requirements you might have.

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